Caloric Burn During Sleep: A Quick Insight

How many calories do you burn sleeping

While sleeping, an average person burns approximately 0.42 calories per pound per hour. Therefore, a person weighing 150 pounds would burn around 63 calories per hour.

Exploring Caloric Expenditure During Sleep

The body continues to burn calories during sleep as it performs essential functions like breathing, circulating blood, and repairing tissues. Here’s a deeper look into this process:

  1. Factors Influencing Caloric Burn:
    • Body Weight: Heavier individuals burn more calories during sleep because their bodies require more energy for basic functions.
    • Metabolic Rate: A person’s basal metabolic rate (BMR), which varies based on age, sex, weight, and muscle mass, plays a significant role in how many calories they burn at rest, including during sleep.
  2. Calculating Sleep Caloric Burn:
    • As a general rule, you burn about 0.42 calories per pound per hour while sleeping.
    • For example, a person weighing 150 pounds burns roughly 63 calories per hour (150 lbs x 0.42 calories/lb/hr).
  3. Comparison with Other Activities:
    • Sleeping has a lower calorie burn rate compared to activities like sitting or standing. The body’s energy expenditure is at its lowest when sleeping.
  4. The Role of Sleep in Weight Management:
    • Quality sleep is vital for maintaining a healthy weight. Poor sleep can affect hormones that regulate appetite, potentially leading to weight gain.


Sleep is a state of rest for the body, but it still requires energy to maintain vital functions, resulting in calorie burn. While the caloric expenditure is not as high as during waking activities, it contributes to the body’s overall daily energy expenditure. Ensuring adequate and quality sleep is also crucial for overall health and weight management.

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